Wooden windows and doors from Europe

«STACO INOX» offers to its customers windows and doors made of fine wood (meranti, niangon, padouk, teak, oak) produced by the best German companies.

For windows and doors manufacturing not a solid mass of timber is used, for it may deform in due course, but a three-layer glued bar of radial cut lamellas, glued in different directions, thus excluding geometry changes under the impact of moisture and temperature. Besides, timber is dried up beforehand on a special equipment to set moisture (10-13%), and so it does not shrink afterwards.

  • Double hand processing at each technological manufacturing stage.
  • Special bar processing with soak, primer and varnish.
  • All window elements are fitted manually.

Wooden doors and windows offered by our company are profitably notable for their ruggedness and genuine German quality. Such a door or window will faultlessly serve many generations.

Variety of forms: arched, triangular, trapezoid. Different styles stylization including “classicism”. Vast range of colours, bent imposts, fillets of various widths and refined channelling.